My name is Andrea Green. I have 3 kiddos and a fantastic husband. I love me some Jesus, softball and of course photography. I started my passion for photography in 2016. I picked up a camera, honestly to decompress from financial stress. My husband's job is in the oil and gas industry and it has its ups and downs. We were very blessed because he had a job but he took a big cut in pay. Taking photographs was one of the only things that made me not worry about our situation because it makes you live in the moment. It made me happy and remember how blessed we are. I started out just by taking action shots at my kids games and finished up at the end of 2016 with mini sessions! I continued to do photography part time for a few years due to work and family life. Then in 2019 both my parents passed away unexpectedly with in 6 months of each other. My parents passing suddenly was a confirmation on how important photographs are of our loved ones. There is never enough! Photographs are your gift back to the people you leave behind on this earth after you pass on. One photograph can bring back a flood of memories. That's why it ignited this passion in me to help families create memories they will have for a life time. I decided that life was short and with the support of my family, I quit my full time job as an accountant. I started doing my dream job full time being a photographer and started a non-profit called Give A Funeral, Inc.! We help qualified families pay for funeral expenses that they can not afford. I am a member of the Professional Photographers of America. I also received my certification as a professional photographer through PPA!  I never in 1000 years would have thought I would be taking photographs! But here I am and I am excited to help you creatively capture memories!

I love bright creative photography and props! You will always have fun when your with me! I love trying new ideas and collaborating with my clients. 




217 N Harrison Ave.

Suite 106

Blanchard OK 73010


Tel: 405-317-8244



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